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Woven Rug Rosary Pouches


Protect your rosary with a rosary pouch!
These quality pouches are specifically designed to protect your rosary from wear while in your purse or pocket.).
A must to protect your rosary from getting broken

Dimensions: approx 13cmx 10cm 5" by 4"  coin purse has a zipper on top side  with black lining
also pures has with blue beads,

Material: 100% polyester and gold metallic thread. (woven) not printed and pouches are washable

Price: 9,95usd Shipping Free    


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Rosary Pouch : RP01

Rosary Pouch : RP02




Rosary Pouch : RP03

Rosary Pouch : RP04




Rosary Pouch : RP05

Rosary Pouch : RP06